Friday, May 16, 2008

The times they are a-changin'

First: Jah and I are getting married next year. WOO!

Second: I finally got around to ordering a new laptop, making the jump to Vista, and sending out college applications. I'm hopefully finishing my last two generals this coming Fall and then getting into my major classes next Spring. Also, I has a job now. /win

Third: I took a break from raiding, respecced feral, cleared barely a third of my quest log, did one day's worth of dailies, and came out of the deal 400g richer. This was a welcome vacation - it also let me replenish my dwindling purse. (I spent roughly 1,000g leveling the hunter's leatherworking to 375, and I still need another thousand or so to buy mats for Belt of the Black Eagle and Boots of the Crimson Hawk. Ugh. Also, repair bills.)

Fourthly: I have a new pet enhancement shaman...who is friggin' awesome. Jack of all trades FTW, yo. (Which is the same reason I loved my pre-BC feral druid so much. I could tank, DPS, or heal up through BWL levels with just a change of gear.) She's level...34? 35? Anyway, almost to dual wielding capability, and I'm SO EXCITED. 'Cause I've been going through melee DPS withdrawal ever since I realized my fury warrior was trapped on a dead server and that I didn't ever want to level my rogue again. >< The shamanub gives me the opportunity to see big pretty numbers from up close again and keep hybriding it up.

Yay, alts.

Unfortunately, my work schedule doesn't allow for much available raid time, but I've managed to clear next Tuesday night of obligations. Theoretically it's a farm content night, so we'll see how it goes. Silly people and their not announcing what we're doing on the signup sheets...