Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Some non-WoW news.

The wedding planning is going well - just need to narrow down the guest list and finalize invitation design. Right now it's a pencil rough in my sketchpad and needs work.

I'm going to retrieve my SLR camera, umpteen specialized lenses, and old notes on photography and work on expanding my portfolio while I'm living in what is essentially rural farm country. (Local college and associated urban mini-sprawl nonwithstanding.) Looking forward to maybe posting up some pictures here!

(And some WoW news - my druid is nearly 77 and I've just enough money for her epic flight training, I successfully had my guild rank changed to "Cat Herder" a couple weeks ago, and I'm now somewhat in charge of recruiting...healers! As the tank coordinator. The first person I found was immediately rejected because my quick glance at their gear and talents didn't notice a bad spec choice and six pieces of badly enchanted DPS gear. GO ME!)