Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Long story short, and in bullet points:

-We got married!
-This involved moving into our own apartment.
-Said apartment lacks Teh Intarwebs for a little while longer.
-Also, we're both in college. I'm taking three writing-intensive classes. Epic blogging fail inc.

Upon the release of the Cataclysm trailer, we decided to choose a new medium-pop server and transfer our level 70 druids there, in preparation for rerolling worgen at expansion release. Our original BC and vanilla mains live again! I'm leveling boomkin, something I haven't done much of, and Jah is cat-flavored feral and loving it. 78 and counting.

I need to reinstall WoW on the linux laptop. I deleted it after finding out the repair utility wasn't functioning, which happened after WoW itself developed a case of the permanent critical errors. :(

Eventual regular updating to come!