Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Argh part 2

Noodles left Legion and I officially stopped raiding with them. I'm thinking of pulling my last three toons from the guild.

Wiping on farm content is not cool. Neither is forbidding members to talk to ex-members and then calling them loot whores in /g. Nor a total and complete lack of progression, hell, we couldn't even keep 3/9 BT on farm reliably.

Neither is promising someone a raid spot and gear as an OT, then never *actually* taking them to Hyjal/BT, but instead 'requesting' that they heal farm content and then rolling over them when a tanking upgrade drops.


So that whole long post I had about staying with Legion 'cause I wanted to help rebuild? Did it sound like I was trying to convince myself it was worth it? I think I was...and I shouldn't have.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Me: Hey miss DPS officer, my hunter's geared enough to handle SSC now - can I start bringing him to farm nights?

DPS officer: Sure!

Me: Hey healy officer and raid officer, I'm gonna start signing up as my hunter for farm nights. Talked it over with the DPS officer and she okay'd it.

Them: Kay, sounds good.

*signup thread goes up for Tuesday T5 Night*

*puts down HUNTAR in giant orange letters*

*opens up thread the day of the raid and sees herself listed under HEALERS*

Wayne Brady is gonna choke a bitch.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Things To Accomplish:

- Hack Jah's blogger account and see if I can set up a new theme for D&H. Or make him do it from work.
- Farm, farm, farm. Need to make up for all the money I dropped on healing enchants. (I mean, I'm GLAD I got four upgrades in one week, money.)
- Finish FAFSA. Mail.
- Take online placement test for school.
- Write up a REAL blog post.
- Fiddle with PSP some more, get shiny banners made for D&H.
- Try and find a quick easy way to get 15 more +healing so I can hit the 2k mark.
- Pack.
Whoo! Sorry 'bout that. So much for my resolution to update regularly, eh?

In the time between my last post and now, Legion has downed 4 new bosses (Azgalor, Naj'entus, Supremus, and Shade of Akama), lost our best-geared warrior tank and fire mage, and our second-best-geared resto shammy. They also almost lost me and Jah, too. I had gotten all of two drops since I joined the guild, the raid officer was trying to force us to progress against bosses for which we were MASSIVELY undergeared, and...

...I was handed a free ticket to Sunwell on a platter.

The above-mentioned tank was accepted into the #3 raiding guild on our server. They weren't recruiting healers, but I had told him I was dissatisfied with Legion and so he'd talked with the officers of his new guild and they first agreed to take me for a trial run, and after I spoke with them over Vent one evening they assured me of a trial position in the guild - no application or trial run necessary. I could even bring Jah along, though he'd start in their non-raider rank. It looked perfect.

Then the day of my new guild's formal invite rolls around, and I think to myself while I'm at work "Self, what's going to happen to Legion if you leave? What will your friends think of you? And how in hell are you going to get yourself and all 7 of your alts out of the guild when the servers are down until mid-afternoon and there are guaranteed to be at least 3 officers present no matter when you log in?" And I thought it over for a few minutes. "Your friends will all be nice to your face, but they're gonna be sad/pissed that you left for greener pastures - and considering this is a 4-nights-a-week-heavy-progression guild, you can say goodbye to the rest of your free time - and Self, aren't you starting work on your undergrad again this fall?!"

"Well..yah...and considering the reaction to when [tank guy] left, I bet I'd get about the same reaction...and frankly, I'd rather keep my friends and my position in this guild than jump ship for a bunch of people I don't know I'll get along with."

So, we're still in Legion. I'm not sure Jah is happy with it, but I talked with some of the officers (after finding out I might get promoted to that rank soon) and one of the things I've always enjoyed was bringing a group of people up through content, seeing them improve, and kicking ass while having fun. I won't get that if I'm essentially being run through BT and Hyjal and then tossed into the most time-consuming instance in the game. And since I think I'm going to have to become moderately fluent in at least three languages for my major...well, you get the idea. The casual atmosphere and raid schedule is probably the best option overall. We've even started to get better at the Tuesday "Fright Night" t5 runs - downed Vashj and FLK Monday, then cleared 3/4 TK with time to spare yesterday so we went to Hyjal and downed Rage. Tonight, they're taking advantage of that to clear the middle 3 bosses in Hyjal and take a few shots at Archimonde. (Rumor has it he's bugged - Doomfires aren't moving. We'll see.) Unfortunately, I work tonight so I won't get in on the action.

In other news, I no longer look like a priest. I replaced my PMC chest with the one off Azgalor, the shoulders with t5, and the belt with VR's leather healy belt. WOO! Ain't he purty? :)