Friday, April 4, 2008

Alas, poor Stalwart, I knew ye well...

As previously mentioned, the guild I've raided/PVP'd/leveled/played with since my druid hit 60 and started doing MC has bitten the dust. A large portion of what I'd call our A team has dispersed to other guilds or other games, or quit WoW entirely.

So, a-hunting I did go for a new bunch of crazy people to share green text with. A couple of the guild's former drama llamas whispered me after we dissolved, wanting me to come join them in their guild (which was, ironically, stuck exactly where Stalwart had been - Kara on farm, 2/6 in ZA, and not enough people for Gruul's. They left because of a lack of progression. Lulz? Lulz.) but fortunately, a polite no was well recieved. So I check out the realm forums - nope, no luck there. But what's this? The raid progression giganto-post, listing each guild sorted by instance tier? Bingo!

And so I skimmed the list of SSC/TK guilds. Several of my friends had gone to guild A, just starting SSC and partway through TK. One of my friends had gone to guild B, further along than guild A but also larger. I had several RL friends in guild C, which is going through BT right now.

This was my line of thought. I'm a fairly well geared healing druid with an odd spec but definite healing power. Everyone needs healers, right? And most guilds have stopped requiring specs, right? So I *can* stay healing and they won't ask me to respec for DPS or something stupid like that...right? Provided they don't mind my 7k HP and Primal Mooncloth set and other assorted weird gear choices...and that weird spec I mentioned...Most people expect healing druids to be 41+ resto. I'm dreamstate-Emp HT, more of a 5man/outlast setup. (Hey, it works.) Will-they-won't-they, etc.

So I could app to guild A and be almost automatically assured of getting in due to friends in guild, app to guild B and have only what chance my application brought me, or app to guild C and abuse my contacts to bottom-feed my way through the last bits of endgame before WotLK.

I applied to guild B. (Which happens to be named Legion.) And I got in. And I've got to say, I'm really glad I did so. My friends in guild A are wiping due to silly stuff on content we've gotten on farm just since I joined. The ones in guild C are variously playing less often or gone entirely due to getting married. I don't feel like I'm tagging along and riding on the coattails of the better geared healers in Legion, considering I've been present (and an MT healer!) for most of the progression kills we've made in just the past month!

This post is a bit overdue. Stalwart started to fall in late February, I joined Legion mid-March while they were still working on Morogrim Tidewalker, and since then we've downed him, Fathom-lord Karathress, Al'ar, High Astromancer Solarian, Vashj, and the first two bosses of Mount Hyjal. Pretty good for a casual guild that raids two nights a week, eh?

And after I explained my spec's greatest strengths to the raid and healing leaders, they've put me permanently on tank healing duty.

And now, the promised blurb about my hunter. He hit level 70 and is now fairly decked out, which helps a great deal in the whole farming-money-for-repair-bills department. (Those dirty blood elves will never know what hit 'em...) I think I'm going to try and get him geared up to the point where he can start being useful in raids, maybe bring him to farm content nights or somesuch.

Cly out.

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