Friday, August 22, 2008

So much has changed... the couple of weeks since I last posted. Jah and I left Emerald Dream completely. We rerolled to join the hosts of one of our favorite podcasts on Sen'jin and ended up transferring one 70 apiece there a little while after, and now we're in the process of getting to know our new guildmates and getting everything ready for Kara and the expansion.

In my case, it was my level 70 Tauren warrior - the one I've not played since the day she hit the level cap six months ago. The one with no tanking gear that I decided to go prot on for a change of pace...yeah. It's been interesting. I did manage to scare up a decent tanking set through a combination of clearing out Netherstorm quests and hitting the AH for 'of the Champion' gear, and massive amounts of instance farming has netted me decent pre-kara benchmark stats. (For those interested, I'm sitting at almost 12k health, 12.2k armor, 12%/15%/21% dodge-block-parry, respectively. And I'm raid boss uncrittable!) I'm really excited to start tanking seriously again.

An odd thing I've noticed about our new server is that it's extremely lacking in tanks and healers. Versus the World, on the other hand, is chock full of tanks...but also low on healers. (I think we have 3 at 70 right now.) Still, we've got almost enough class balance to start doing Kara, so we're hoping for great things.

I'm in the WotLK beta. Death Knights are cool, new feral tree is shiny, new prot tree is actually OK to questgrind with, and I'm really really excited for the expansion to come out. I don't think I'll be actively testing much more of the content as I want as much of it as possible to still be a surprise when I get there on release.

I leave you now with a picture of my latest accomplishment - Don Carlos' Famous Hats for myself and three guildmates.

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