Friday, April 24, 2009

Cooking, cleaning, and robot-face-smashing.

I've lost my springform pan. You can't make cheesecake without a springform pan! *freakout*

I'm cleaning our office. Jah's back has been giving him troubles, so anything that needs bending/lifting/etc is up to me. The only problem is I hate housecleaning, since I essentially do it for a living - albeit on a ginormous-department-store scale.

XT-002 Deconstructor is kicking our collective butts, but it's just so fun to have actual HARD trash and HARD encounters again that I'm willing to let it slide. :) We've moved from two add tanks and a bosstank to one add tank and one bosstank, with our protadin hitting his holy dual-spec button to fill in on raid heals. Over on the forums, our wonderful and longsuffering raid leader has stepped off his soapbox temporarily to calmly discuss numbers with people and figure out exactly how many DPSers we *really* need to win this fight, and how to balance that against the healing requirement presented by Tympanic Tantrum.

I am again reminded of the irony in being both the tank officer, assistant raid coordinator, and the worst-geared active tank in the entire guild. I'm thinking of resocketing all my expertise/stam gems to straight stamina, or over to def/stam for an avoidance boost. It'd un-dodge-cap me, but it might help me survive boss fights >< Deconstructor can and will kill me in three hits if I don't have immediate stacking and spamming heals, so I've relegated myself to add-tanking and put our blood tank DK on the boss for that fight. On Razorscale (or Razorsnatch, as he's termed on OutofMana) I'm the whirlwinder tank - I taunt the giant vrykul that kill all our melee DPS if we don't keep them the hell out of the two main AOE camps, and the real reason I'm first on the rotation for Razorscale post 50% is I've got the best up-front threat gen of anyone. I really just set the stage for the DK and paladin to continue the fight.

I guess the point is that I'm really unhappy with where both my gear and my class abilities stand, but I don't know if my random boss-induced death is from personal fail or healer fail. Other guilds are using warriors as progression MTs, but we've GOT to have a DK because he's got the most HP and doesn't eat dirt before someone can patch him up!

Argh. I need chocolate.

Edit: Holy run-on sentences, Batman! *grabs a box of punctuation marks, gets to work*

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