Monday, January 4, 2010

pewpewpew...*proc* PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW

With Hotwingz at 80 now, Jah's taken his main spec to boomkin and is blowing stuff up in feathery rage with me. It's great fun. (Hotwingz is an old friend of his, and was gracious enough to usher at our wedding. He's also a beartank. Know what this guild needs? MORE DRUIDS. CLEARLY.)

I've been putting most of my (admittedly scant) free time into leveling my draenei paladin, Spacebunny. I was considering going dedicatedly ret on her until I realized that tanks and healers spent a hell of a lot less time waiting in the dungeon queue... So from 1-30 I was ret, 30-40 I went Holy, and from 40 to 52-and-counting I've been prot. It's pretty awesome. Leveling Retribution has its advantages - I three-shot most mobs, between crusader procs and a crazy crit rate and just Being A Paladin, and I run pretty fast so non-killing time doesn't last long, but there's just something truly awesome about tanking fifty same-level undead mobs to death and coming out of the deal at full health and mana. (Felstone Field is my bitch.)

I'm thinking of fishing through plugins to find achievement/armory/whatnot things to put in the sidebar, detailing what Jah and I are up to. I may also get in on this Twitter nonsense. Playing - and blogging about it - is fun again.

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