Thursday, February 7, 2008

DPS/Healing meter freaks and why they suck

Ok so have you ever noticed how there's always 1 or 2 guys in the guild who are absolutely stark raving nuts about being the top 1 or 2 on their respective charts. It drives me absolutely nuts, cause they do the stupidest stuff in an attempt to achieve this.

For starters, Healers FOR SHAME. If you are always trying to be top on the healing charts why don't you flip over to your over healing meter and check it out, I am willing to bet you are on the top of that one also. Why don't you just take that number due to over healing, and calculate how much mana that is using your (and I'm giving you the serious benefit of the doubt here) MOST efficient heal, and lets see how much you've managed to waste and see how much longer you could have stayed up and healing. Not to mention lets check how many times you have died compared to the other healers due to pulling aggro to early in the fight or some such nonsense. Or you may be wondering why your constantly poping mana pots every 2 min when all the other healers are still at half mana. It's all well and good if your saving the group from a wipe, or you just have to do that much to keep up and under geared tank but if your just spamming heals to try and make it to the top, just stop it your making yourself look like an ass. And probably causing problems for your raid when you go OOM way to early in the fight.

Ok now don't think your gonna get it easy all you DPS freaks. I swear to go if I am in another raid where there is someone who cant wait for 3 sunders on a boss fight. Or thinks they are leet enough that they can ride the edge of the threat meter and just be a hairs breadth from pulling aggro off the tank, I'm going to reach through the Internet and choke the life out of you. Please save me the trouble and learn from this post, or go play tic tac toe in your sand box in the backyard, AND STOP WRECKING RAIDS FOR PEOPLE. People it's not that hard, don't go crazy just because you can, if you have to fine. But if you have stuff on farm and your constantly pushing less then 5% threat away from pulling off the tank BACK THE HELL OFF. Nobody appreciates having to heal you, and I know damned well your tank doesn't want to waste time taunting off you mid fight(presuming thats even possible giving the situation and many bosses Immunities to taunt). So there you are, at the top of the dps meter, just pulled the aggro off the tank, great now what do you do, oh wait I'll use my aggro reduction ability, WRONG ASS HAT for that to work you now need to get BELOW the tanks threat by a significant amount in order for him to regain aggro, and I don't know about you. But I am pretty sure your gonna go squish when Gruul decides he wants to take a swipe at you cause you just surpassed all 3 tanks at growth 8, GG DIAF.

Moral of the story kids, barring an emergency situation, Stay 10% below your threshold for pulling aggro off the tank, use your aggro wipes early and use them often, and Hunters for the LOVE OF GOD, if you feign death and drop aggro onto a healer cause you were to stupid to FD 5 seconds ago save us all some frustration and durability and go play Hello Kitty ( and leave the rest of us to a game that actually requires you to have the ability and intellect to wipe yourself after using the restroom.


Who is Zagan? said...

People who put topping charts over the success of the raid are definitely a problem. However, I don't think competing on damage/healing meters is a bad thing. It provides incentive for people to maximize their damage potential which leads to a more successful guild.

Also, I think that overhealing meters should be taken with a grain of salt. Topping the overhealing meters isn't necessarily a bad thing. As long as the person isn't running into mana issues or has almost an even effective healing to overhealing ratio, I'd even call it a good thing. Topping healing meters and overhealing meters means that the healer is healing proactively. A dead tank is much much worse to have than an overhealed tank.

But generally, I agree with you. People who base everything on the meters are taking it to too much of an extreme.

Jahow said...

Please Note that in my Blog I am constantly referencing people who mindlessly seek to get to the top regardless of the effect on the raid. And that several times I give allowances for when it is ok to overheal and or go damage crazy.