Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Favorite Class & Why?

Well I figure to get things kicked off I would use some of's suggestions for blog articles. What class Is your favorite and why? To me this is a rather difficult question, I have been playing W0W for 3 years and have taken several breaks from the game only to come back to it. I have a 70 Druid(Hyjal), 70 Warrior(Tortheldrin), and am now activly working on a 48 Warlock(Emerald Dream).

My very first passion was my druid, I loved the flexibility of being able to respec and play the game 3 different ways at will. I primarily found my best fit healing in Tree form, however I started healing for MC raids pre-tree and enjoyed that just as much. I also enjoyed Tanking in bear form and DPS'ing in Cat, however this takes a huge amount of time to get 3 sets of gear built up all of which can compete at the same level as the other so I found myself constantly updating my 3 sets. I never really got into Moonkin at that point due to not really wanting to try and come up with a 4th set. And thus I took my first break from WoW while because I enjoyed my druid and still do, he was never really the best at what he did and I became locked in as a healer as my guild progressed through Gruul's, and I shortly discovered that I really was'nt a healer, Don't get me wrong here I was rather good at it, I was usually 2nd of 3 in kara or 2nd of 5 in Gruul's and mostly was battling for 1st with a very well geared and exceptionally skilled priest. But I just got bored with it, I wanted to be In the action taking the hits and dishing it out, and When the original Druid Nerf's came out shortly after TBC's release, it made Cat's not a very viable source of Raid DPS. So I switched to my warrior.

I figured I would try raiding as MS or Fury. So I dutifully Leveled my Warrior to 70 got my Gladiators Right & Left Ripper and started stacking up the +hit/+crit/+AP gear. And thats where I hit a road block, Not a lot of people wanted Raid DPS warriors. Sure everyone cries for a MS PvP War, But I'm not much for PvP I truly enjoy PvE raid encounters the most. So I found myself being pressured into becoming a Tank, Something I had done as a Druid and was not particularly found of. While I did become a staple of every group for a small amount of time, and successfully Tanked for a guild up to Curator a few times. I decided I would cut that venture off short because what I really wanted was to be able to spit out Raid DPS.

So now I have my warlock and I am hoping that I have finally found my niche. I have leveled Mages up to a certain point (mid 40's pre-TBC) But there was a little bit of something missing for me. So I switched to the warlock and I think I've found what I've been looking for, Warlocks can indeed rip out massive dps in the long and short term(Boss/Trash mobs) and Depending on Spec and Hit some very impressive numbers as well as be incredibly efficient. It all depends on how you want to spec it out, Right now I am currently looking at doing the cookie cutter 0/21/40 Destro aka Shadow Mage spec for raiding, and it looks rather promising. You can give great debuffs via Curse of Elements and Curse of Shadows, you really should not be CC'ing in Raids due to the unpredictability of Fear UNLESS you are prepared to use Curse of Recklessness to Yo-Yo the mobs a little bit. You can easily dot up multiple mobs and have some nice sustained dps via your Dots and then start racking up some dmg with SB/SP depending on how fast the mob is dropping and how you want to spec (Pure Shadow/Pure Fire/Hybrid). On top of all that you have Pets that you can buff yourself and other's with. And you are basically an Eternal Mana Battery assuming your healers will toss you a couple HoT's every now and again, and you keep a good stock of Health Pots and Soul stones to Health stone with, and Sacrifice your Void/Felhunter depending on which works out better for you 4%MP or 2%HP per 4 second. So basically I'm saying Warlocks are my favorite class for the moment, They seem to be capable of the same DPS as a Mage but they play style has enough to it to keep someone like me entertained.

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