Sunday, November 7, 2010

Alright, let's try this again.

Hello, internets!

WoW is in the lame-duck session between the last patch of Wrath (4.0.1) and the release of the Cataclysm expansion, and my classes are getting close to the end. I'm in my last semester of community college for my Associate's degree, then I'll be transferring to Local Big State University to finish up my Bachelor's. Woot!

In WoW news, I'm up to six level 80 characters.



I'm pulling the two on Tortheldrin off, because frankly Tortheldrin is a terrible server. The shaman is probably joining Jabberwocky on Sen'jin, and the druid will be going to Turalyon with Beshara (who is now Itsie, a gnome) and Gersemi (the priest who dinged her eightieth ding yesterday morning). My hunter remains all by his lonesome on Emerald Dream, for the sake of hanging out with old friends.

To Do Before Cataclysm:

-Kill Arthas on one character. Any character. It doesn't matter.
-Write up a Cata Prep! post for the two servers' worth of toons matter at this point.
-Do things in the Cata Prep! posts.
-Lament and mourn that finals week is the week *after* Cata drops, instead of the week *before*.

If we weren't facing an expansion, I'd have all sorts of stuff to write up. A resource post for total noob, newly-minted 80 healing priests. A how2deeps post for fury warriors. Another rant on healing meters, which seems to be the only way people reach this blog (but I'm changing that shortly, I hope). Actually, I might do the rant on healing meters anyway. It'll be good for my blood pressure.

Until next time!

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