Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Interlude: Counting to 12

This is all I do in raids on Jabberwocky. Ten Rejuvs, one Lifebloom, one Wild Growth.


That's the entirety of my involvement in ten-man raids. Granted, what I listed above is one of my maximum-output routines and thus isn't the sort of thing you keep up over the course of an entire encounter, BUT STILL. If you can count to twelve, you can heal a raid. (In 25s, you probably just count to 12 twice. I don't know. I've never healed a 25 on my druid, which is the subject of another rant entirely.)

Raid healing as a post-4.0, pre-Cataclysm resto druid is not hard. Stacked hots on the entire raid mean nobody else has much to do but cover spikes, which brings me to the secondary topic of this post:

Pickup raid leaders, don't you DARE send me into the portals on Valithria Dreamwalker because I'm top on the healing meters. I have CRAP for single-target healing output, and I can solo-heal the raid better than anyone else in this group. Put the holy paladin, the holy priest, the resto shaman, the discipline priest in the portals. Because if I go in there, I guaran-damn-tee the encounter will take at least a third longer than it should.

Just because you looked at healing meters instead of considering why the numbers look that way.

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