Sunday, November 28, 2010

How to Be Prepared (tm) for an expansion: Part 2

Server by server: Turalyon

I'll start with the character most likely to be my main in Cataclysm - Itsie, the gnome warrior. Her inscription and herbalism are both maxed out and she's all set to start making money selling flowers to worgen rerolls on Dec. 7th. What else was there to do for her?

Gear check

She has full outfits for both protection and fury, all gemmed and enchanted. Some of it's outdated, but since she'll replace it inside a month I'm not too worried.

Gold check

286g. Woops. I had to spend most of my 2,000g buffer on gemming up her tank set for the next item on the list...

Achievement check

Itsie is my Kingslayer, as of the night before the Shattering patch. WOOHOO! I also completed the 50 minipet achievement and got my little skunk buddy.

Itsie is pretty much finished as a toon for the expansion. How about Gersemi the priest?

Gear check

Uhhh...well, she has three pieces of PVP gear (one Satin, one Mooncloth - I muffed up at the vendor and didn't notice until a week later), two empty glyph slots (minors, I think?), two unenchanted items, a green gem, no discernable 'theme' amongst gem slots, and I'm not sure her meta is active anymore. Also, I nuked her discipline offspec for shadow and she now does her shadowy DPS thing in her healing gear with 35% hit from Twisted Faith. None of this really worries me, though, because again - it's all getting replaced in a month. Her rag-tag outfit is the best I could put together on short notice, and it's what she solo-healed OS3D zergs in to get both Twilight Vanquisher and Nightfall titles the week after she hit 80. If we had more time before Cataclysm - say, two months or so - I'd go into Major Upgrades Needed mode. But now? Nah.

Gold check

Gers has a little over 600g. I'm okay with that. Originally I was trying to get her epic flight training before the expansion, but preparation for Itsie's pickup LK kill took precedence. I'm going to try and corner the market on level 45-65 crafting materials and fund the purchase that way.

Achievement check

I really wanted to get the Matron title for her, but Children's Week isn't for a while. But, like I said - Nightfall and Twilight Vanquisher. I'm happy. Also, since she got the Delicious Chocolate Cake recipe out of her first Shattrath cooking daily box, I might go for Chef again. (She'd be my second toon with the Chef title.)

Worgen, Worgen Everywhere

My husband and I are rolling worgen alts as soon as the servers come up. I've already amassed the heirloom gear (cloth, it's going to be a warlock) and some basic profession materials (lowbie herbs, for alchemy) on my bank mule. Since I went through all the banks of all my characters, I discovered that I already had the cloth shoulders, staff, and trinket! All I had to do was stockpile justice points on Itsie until I had the two-thousand-odd required to purchase the chestpiece.

So that's it for Turalyon. I spent my accumulated birthday money / tax return money / spare change on completely gutting and re-building my desktop computer, so transferring things off Tortheldrin will have to wait a while. I'm spending almost all my free time on Moon Guard enjoying the lowbie game on my XP-locked 36 prot warrior right now, so he'll be the focus of my next post.

Until then - to borrow a phrase from Stoneybaby - may all your hits be crits!

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