Monday, December 6, 2010

Last-Minute Prep

Characters above 60:

-Winnow out the ones I'm not going to play, like the RAF'd toons on Sen'jin sitting at 61.
--Double-check their banks for old-world mats to sell for ridiculous quantities of gold.
-Of the ones I *am* going to play, make sure they have at least 250g on hand for Flight Master's License.
-Agonize over who I'm leveling to 85 first. (Probably Itsie. If not, then Kolfinna once she's transferred.)

All characters:

-Check bags and banks for old-world mats. Put on AH.
-Vendor old gear sets that have no sentimental value.
-Run out of things to do.


-Study for finals. Figure out what to do for photography portfolio. Panic. Eat breakfast.

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