Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How to get kicked out of any group I'm in

- Zone in and type GOGOGOGOGOGO.

- Face-pull things to 'encourage' me to pull faster.

- Stand in The Bad on a boss fight, die, and then start demanding a rez in all caps before we're out of combat. Then refuse to run back.

- Come un-repaired, have your main weapon break halfway through the run, and refuse to zone out or hearth to repair.

- Link damage meters in party chat at any point, ever. EVER.

- Try and heap blame for a groupfail on one person in particular. The target is almost always the person on the bottom of the damage meter. (Argh wtf damage meters in a leveling instance!)

- Ignore the kill order.

- Ignore the kill order, pull aggro, and then whine when I let you die. (I give a disclaimer at the start of every instance regarding this.)

- Annoy me or any of my guildmates. Yes, broad definition of what counts as annoying and all that, but we do have the enforceable right to not be graced by your presence.

Any and all of these will make the gnome cry.

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